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L.A.D.E Online

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Here is all the latest news from the world of L.A.D.E...

I have now added exclusive info, pictures and tracks of LaReece from before L.A.D.E!  Make sure you check it all out! Just go to the special 'LaReece Before L.A.D.E' setion under 'LaReece's Profile'.
Remember you saw it here first!!
There are now exclusive interviews with the L.A.D.E girls on the street team website! While your there why not join up to the forum and join the street team if you haven't already!
Thanks for coming back to L.A.D.E Online and don't forget to leave all comments on the L.A.D.E Online guestbook or just email me on
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Welcome to the all new L.A.D.E Online! Hope you all like the new look!
L.A.D.E are scheduled to release their debut single early this year...which is very very soon!
If you would like to help support the girls by promoting their single then join the Official L.A.D.E Street Team, where you can collect points for each bit of promo you do. If you have the biggest number of points you win an exclusive L.A.D.E prize for all your hard work! If your interested then check out the Official L.A.D.E Street Team or simply join on
At the moment the Street Team is also doing an exclusive interview with L.A.D.E, so if you would like to ask 1 of L.A.D.E a question go to the Street Team Forum
Make sure you all let me know what you think of the new look L.A.D.E Online by leaving a message in the guestbook!
Love Sarah

L.A.D.E Online