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Name:- LaReece Ward

Home Town:-  St Louis, Missouri - but moved to LA for my music

Fave Music Artist:-  Michael Jackson

Fave Film:-  Lord Of The Rings

Fave TV Show:-  Animal Planet

Fave Book:-  The Colour Purple

Fave Album:-  'Off The Wall' by Michael Jackson

Fave Song:-  'The Greatest Love Of All' by Whitney Houston

Fave Meal:-  BBQ Crab from Joe's Crabshack in LA

Fave Thing In The World:-  To see people give unselfishly, random acts of kindness

Fave Clothes Label:-  Fendi & Projekts NYC

Fave Night Out:-  Watching any movie & Joe's crabshack LA

Fave School Subject:-  History

Fave Colour:-  Blue

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