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L.A.D.E Online

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L.A.D.. made up of Francesca, LaReece and Jo are multi-talented singers, songwriters and overall performers who were hand picked from both the UK and USA by Simon Webbe of the hugely successful band Blue. These girls have always been destined to work in the music industry thanks to their natural musical abilities, which have been perfected with training at some of the top music and dance academies worldwide. With each girl and their manager Simon, sharing the same passion for music, they have produced intelligently written, well produced tracks, making them serious contenders to match the successful R&B and pop groups of the moment.

Simon has tactfully completed the formula for a uniquely talented fresh new girl band, needed to fill that gap in the market. L.A.D.. is a group which combines a credible urban sound with a hint of pop that will also appeal to the mainstream record buying public. The girls’ different looks and styles blend as well as their harmonies. Through their music, L.A.D.. hope to represent the strengths and aspects of being a woman.

L.A.D.. have already produced a mixed batch of music with a variety of slow jams and fast numbers instantly demonstrating their wide ranging appeal. ‘Shake It Off’ is a hip-hop driven track with a load of raw street edge that culminates in this energy driven number. The sexy beats and lyrics of ‘Sprinkle Me’ and ‘Bounce’ contrast to the moody and atmospheric sound of ‘Like You Used To’. The sheer quality of these tracks is apparent to anyone with an ear and appreciation for original talented artists. With its solid rap intro, catchy hook and pulsating beats, ‘Dirty Dance’ is a sure fire club banger and is certain to be well received by all DJ’s. ‘Wondering’ displays the excellent sweet vocals of the girls and we are fully able to see how their dreamy vocals compliment each other. This super smooth number is sung with such soulful intensity that it evokes emotions in all its listeners.

Get ready for the arrival of L.A.D.… these girls mean business, looking to stay true to their motto and “represent all the different types of ladies from across the world.”

L.A.D.E Online